Roles Of Women In Prison Essay

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In many countries, the female prison population has increased dramatically over the last years. This has generated widespread awareness in our society, leading people to question why the percentage multiplied exponentially. In the past, female offenders have not only been compared to their male counterparts, but to society’s view of the role of women; this role categorized them as housewives and mothers. But how did these housewives and mothers go from the home to the prisons? In most countries, women represent a minority of the prison population: normally between 2% and 8%. There are now more than 600,000 women behind bars and more than one million on probation and parole, (Bastick and Townhead 2008) most of these women are sentenced to prison for non-violent crimes. Many of these women in prison struggle with substance abuse, mental illness, and histories of physical and sexual abuse. According to the researchers Bastick and Townhead, all over the world women in prison suffer from intersecting…show more content…
The law related to inmates’ religious rights, such as constitutional, statutory and case law follows. Chapter II includes a literature review where I will provide background on existing literature. In other words, what is already known about the effect of religion in women in prison? As well as, how my research will contribute to new knowledge? The conceptualization and operationalization of the research is presented in chapter III. Chapter IV will have the sampling and how I will go about producing a reliable sample for my research? As well as the data collection method, what methodological approach I will be using for my research. The development of data collection method used to collect the data. Furthermore, I will also discuss any ethical consideration that might arise from my research, and describe how I plan to mitigate any
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