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Rolfing Treatments May Help Your Chronic Pain

If you suffer with chronic pain and traditional treatments don't seem to help much, you may want to try Rolfing. Rolfing is a type of body work that helps your body release tension that causes pain. It also brings your body into proper alignment with gravity so problems with physical stress and pain are prevented in the future. Here are a few things to know about this type of therapy.

Rolfing Works On Your Myofascia

Your myofascia is the connective tissue that covers your bones and muscles. Like traditional massage works on your muscles and chiropractic treatments work on your bones, Rolfing works on your myofascia. When your body is out of alignment due to repetitive motion or because you
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You aren't commuted to complete them and you can pay as you go, so if you don't like the process or don't see results, you can stop your treatment whenever you like. Each treatment builds on the progress made from the previous treatment. You can combine Rolfing with other forms of body work such as massage for pain relief and chiropractic treatments for spinal realignment.

Where To Get Rolfing Treatments

Rolfing is available at many alternative health clinics. It may or may not be covered by your medical insurance since it is an alternative treatment. You may want to undergo Rolfing at your chiropractor's office since you'll be able to get spinal treatments and other types of massage in the same place. Just be sure the practitioner you choose has undergone the official training process and is certified to deliver the treatments.

When you've completed your treatments, your connective tissue should be free from tension, which allows your body to be in proper alignment naturally through gravity. This helps with pain relief and increases range of motion, so you're able to move more freely. The results could be permanent unless your occupation or hobby involves a repetitive motion that causes the problem to resurface. For that reason, it's helpful to understand the root of your pain, so you can alter the activity that creates
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