Roller Coaster Descriptive Essay

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It was a beautiful, sunny day in the middle of August. The sun was just rising as we prepared to embark on our journey to King’s Island. My family of five packed into the car, full of excitement and giddiness. It was a two hour trip but we beamed the whole way. It was my sister and I’s first time on a roller coaster! Previously, we had researched videos of every single coaster at the park. We were very prepared. My family gazed at the oncoming road, our path to happiness. Finally, we arrived in the parking lot, absolutely swarming with cars. Every one of us ran to the gate and gave the attendant our tickets. Free at last! The symbol for me was a rollercoaster which, to me, represents courage. At this point we were in the park and ready to explore. Before going on any roller-coasters we got a park map and found the tallest coaster. The Diamondback. My family raced over and to my surprise, the line was incredibly short! So we got on The Diamondback and started going up the hill. It was the tallest rollercoaster in the park and you could see everything in King’s Island. So after that we got off and walked to the coaster we’ve all been waiting for. The Banshee, the one with loops, the one I’ve never been on in my life. At first, I was too nervous to even get in line for The Banshee but my family pressured me until I went with them. This line was a little longer and it gave me too much time to think. Standing there for almost an hour listening to the screams of passengers

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