Rolls Royce 's Future Of The Automobile Industry

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Rolls Royce Phantom Since its 1906 creation, Rolls Royce has been dedicated to innovation and trend-setting. To this day, the company remains a leader in the car industry by consistently producing carefully designed, elegant automobiles. With the introduction of their new car series, the Phantom, Rolls Royce insists on keeping its place as the leading innovator of the car industry. The Phantom family is designed for those who enjoy the conveniences of modern technology, but the looks of yesteryear. These cars have a timeless contemporary design, giving them a uniquely old-fashioned yet also modern look. While the exterior of these cars is a sleek mix of the past and present, on the inside, the Phantom series represents the future of the automobile industry. With numerous special features, each Phantom family member can fulfill whatever needs and wants you have for your car. A Phantom for Every Need Whether you want your custom car to be an original (extended wheelbase or not), a drop-top, a coupe, Rolls Royce has a Phantom for you. You have four options to pick from within the Phantom family: the original, the extended wheelbase, the Drophead Coupe, and the regular coupe. Each option comes with all of the features described below. Each car is of an equally high-caliber. The differences between the cars lay in size and small design shifts. In regards to size, the Extended Wheelbase Phantom is the largest of the family while the Phantom Drophead Coupe is the smallest.

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