Rom and Strengthening Exercises as a Treatment Option

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ROM and Strengthening Exercises as a Treatment Option

There are multiple kinds of exercise that could be beneficial in treating acute whiplash. Literature shows exercises such as a McKenzie treatment, postural training exercise, endurance strengthening and motor control, eye fixation, isometric exercises, and resistive exercises. In reviewing the literature, these exercises were combined with other treatment strategies such as modalities or mobilization to get the most effective outcome. Also, at this point although there is a large amount of research done on treatment of whiplash injury, the conclusions that are made from this literature conflict each other. However, there is a consensus that excessive treatment of whiplash associated …show more content…

Postural exercises may help patients to be more aware of their posture and make self-corrections to avoid future injury throughout the workday. In the systematic review by Drescher (Reference 22), the study compared a group receiving postural exercises to a control group who were not receiving postural exercises. It was found that the group that completed postural exercises demonstrated decreased pain and increased cervical ROM. Another high quality study (references 17-19) within this review compared an intervention group receiving postural exercises to the control group. The postural exercise group showed significant reduction in pain at both the 6 month and 3 year follow up, as well as a lower amount of sick days taken from work at the 3 year study. There was no significant different in cervical ROM improvement in these two groups. Initially the cost of this postural training was higher, however ended up being lower when taking into account the cost of sick-leave days, loss of productivity and other interventions.(Drescher) In a study by Schnabel et al, it was determined that active therapy including postural advice and exercise was superior to passive modalities such as massage and ultrasound. (Schnabel) There is limited evidence on specific postural exercises which would best benefit this population, however there has been some proof that

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