Roman And Greek War Gods

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Roman and Greek War Gods It is a common misconception that Roman and Greek mythology is the same thing, but with different names. This starts in the origin of Roman mythology. When the Romans took over the Greeks they allowed them to keep their beliefs and customs. These beliefs spread to the Romans that lived nearby. When the Romans learned about these gods, they became the main gods of Rome with different names and personalities. (Ancient Civilizations through the Renaissance, p.332) However, in reality, the gods and the way they are worshipped are very different. One key area of the mythologies where this is evident is with the war gods Athena, Minerva, Ares, and Mars. Although they share many similarities, they are very different. Mars and Ares are very different gods. In Rome, Mars was known as the father of Rome and was the second highest god behind Jupiter, but in Greece, his counterpart Ares was not as respected as Mars. Early in Roman times, Mars was a god of agriculture, but in later religion he became a war god. This was due to the Romans becoming more war oriented (Myths Encyclopedia). The month of March was named after him because that is when the flowers started blooming due to his roots as a god of agriculture (Colombia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th edition, Q1 2014, p.1). Ares was not as important in Greek mythology. He was a fierce warrior that loved war. Ares was also described as a bloodthirsty, cruel, troublemaker. In the Iliad, Zeus says to Ares that he

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