Essay on Roman Catholics' Beliefs About Marriage and Family

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Roman Catholics' Beliefs About Marriage and Family

In Question A I looked at the biblical teachings about marriage and family life and found that they were love, sacrament, exclusive, permanent and fruitful. In this question, I will look at how these teachings can be put into action in today’s society.

In order to make a marriage successful in the first place, it is important to prepare for it and this preparation takes place during the engagement. Couples must sit down together and seriously look at their future life’s together and see what they both want from the marriage. One way for preparing for marriage is learning to communicate with your future partner. This is one of the most …show more content…

During the time of preparation, the couple could find opportunities to get to know each other in different situations and meet each other’s families. They could also begin to recognise and accept each other’s moods so they can adjust and get used to them. To help this even more, if you go to the Catholic Church, they usually require that a couple preparing for marriage should follow a pre-marriage course. This normally includes talks from doctors, solicitors, priests and some opinions on the ups and downs of married life from married couples. It also enables them to meet other engaged couples and to share and discuss their hopes and dreams for the future in a relaxed and realistic way. This will also encourage practical plans to be made like saving money, finding somewhere to live and preparing a house.

There are problems that may arise in society though because of the Roman Catholic teachings on marriage, but there are solutions to solve these problems. Firstly, a sacrament is supposed to be a legal bond between two people and because it is in society it is only a legal bond and not a sacrament. However, you should remember that you have been united by God and should share and show Christ’s love to everyone they meet through their marriage. This will help Catholics remember how important a sacrament is.

Another teaching, which causes problems in society, is love. Some

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