Roman History Research Paper

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Roman history. According to Ian Haynes, a professor of Archeology in Newcastle University, Regina and Victor were once slaves and then set free. Regina is depicted with a basket of wool and a jewellery box. Furthermore, she is described as a free woman and a wife. This statement establishes and also questions female ideals in Roman times. Victor was a Moorish slave of the cavalry trooper Numirianus, who eventually freed him. The lines engraved say "(Numirianus) who most devotedly conducted him to the tomb." This tombstone raises questions not only about hierarchy in the Roman empire but also is an understatement about their personal relations. Relationships in the Roman empire is becoming a very popular topic especially when it comes to values such as gender equality and solidarity. This topic of Roman history gradually becomes more popular because it offers interpretations to contemporary issues, regarding class, gender …show more content…

A good strategy to keep history alive is to attract younger visitors to the museum. According to H. Park, education and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. Enjoyment can help the educational system by teaching children Roman history through art and games. The Arbeia museum makes workshops for children where they can explore history by using real artefacts. Therefore, the museum gives children the opportunity to learn in an interactive way by pretending they are real archeologists or Roman soldiers. The children can also learn sketching and drawing techniques which can give them inspiration to learn about the Roman empire. This is a good strategy of preservation and teaching respect to the past because it uses pleasant activities. What is more, the museum keeps secondary schools involved as well, by designing archeological workshops where children can put their knowledge from school into

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