Roman Ruins

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Rome is one of the brilliant empires of the past, one of which left behind numerous ruins in their fall. Though Italy contains the majority of Roman ruins Spain is the go to for Roman ruins. The ruins in Spain are must see because of the unique ruins there, history of their uses, and the different cultures that existed there. To begin with, the Roman Empire was vast and had territory across Europe and more, but in Spain many one of a kind structures were built which have since outlived their uses and become ruins. For instance, The Alhambra is a famous ruin and unique because it is of its history and importance to Spain. The article “Why take the time to visit Alhambra Spain” by Janet Connors she states, “The Alhambra has plenty of history to attract tourists, but it’s importance to Spain is much more profound.” The history makes it a place like no other. This is because of its rich history and influence to Spain as a whole. In another article “The Resilient Roman Ruins of Spain” this time by Ryan Howland, he lists some unique ruins like The Aqueduct in Segovia, The City of Merida, and Italica. Though those are only a few they are some of the amazing and …show more content…

In the article “Discover Toledo, Spain” by Julie Kellogg she states that Toledo Spain is known as the City of Three Cultures because of its ruins Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures. The ruins in Spain show the panning coexistence of those three cultures displaying a history only found in Spain. Visiting these ruins in Spain will allow you to see the history of Spain’s culture. Another example of various cultures in Spain is the Alhambra when she states “It provides an example of the many different cultures and people who have ruled the lands of Spain throughout history”. The Alhambra was ruled by the Muslims as a palace and then the Christians as a court. The Alhambra in Spain and Toledo as displays the many cultures that existed

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