The Ancient Ruins Of Pompeii

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Pompeii, if you didn’t know, is the ancient ruins of an amazing city. In 1748, a surveying engineer discovered these buried ashes. Pompeii was an ancient city buried within this. Why ash? How, you ask? Well, Pompeii is located next to the famous volcano, Mt. Vesuvius in what is now Italy. In 79 AD Vesuvius let out an horrendous eruption and buried Pompeii. Since then, Mt. Vesuvius has erupted over 50 times. When the volcano erupted, there were about 20,000 people living in or around the area. That area was pretty unlucky living at the base of the volcano, they had suffered through a massive earthquake years back and was still recovering from the damage.

In 1748, like i said before, Pompeii was discovered. After that people have started excavating
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