Romantic Period During The 19th Century

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Romantic Period The Romantic Period was a literary movement that occurred within the late 18th century and early 19th century and is associated with most works that promote more power to women at the time as well as book that spoke on social issues. Within the period, poetry is hailed as the most important style of writing found in the movement seeing many forms of poetry growing in popularity within all classes of the world. The novel, as a genre, grew in standing throughout the Romantic period and saw growing efforts on the part of authors to test with style, form, and content. New modes of manufacture increased the amount of books that could be printed. In this way, the creation of novels were affected just as much as agriculture and manufacturing were during the Industrial Revolution in England. This dramatically expanded the market for books as well as boosted education due to the increase of those who wished to read. This soon made writers aware of their position and allowed the pieces of art to influence societal norms. Novels which followed this style usually preferred to be comedic in nature as well as provide satirical criticism towards the different social classes. Because of this, the British state attempted to govern what could and could not be published and read not as much by censorship, but by charging publishers or authors with sedition or blasphemy. The state also tried to control printing by implementing prohibitive taxes. This only expanded the market

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