Rome After the Punic Wars

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Rome was growing and it was becoming incredibly wealthy after the Punic wars, but the republic was facing serious problems during this time. Many Roman politicians took bribes and they would encourage the forming violent mobs to aid them in rising to power. Soldiers returning home from the wars were unable to find employment because wealthy landlords were utilizing slaves to get work done instead of hiring Romans. During this period of time the republic was part of several civil wars. Many of the Romans wanted a strong leader to take them to glory; therefore, the way was paved for Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12, 100 BC and by the age of 31 he had already fought in many wars. Julius Caesar was a patrician and a popular general when he was first elected consul in 59 BC. His co-consul was Marcus Biblius; however, Caesar was known to not listen to Biblius’ advice nor did he concern himself with the wishes of the Senate.
Caesar ordered that the poor shall have their lands back, and as a result of this decision he became extremely popular with the Roman people, but the wealthy people that sat on the senate were not pleased with this decision. His co-consul Biblius attempted to veto Caesar's decision, but his supporters attacked Biblius. At that point Biblius was so shaken that he decided to retire, a decision that soon left Julius Caesar in control of the government.
The senate also attempted to block Caesar's decision’s so he formed a partnership with

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