The Fall of the Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was created as a result of Rome’s early and tyrannical kings. This new democratic system was supposed to balance the power between two consuls and the senate in order to prevent any one person from controlling the entire population. It also aimed to ease relations between the separate classes by allowing slaves to purchase their freedom and by allowing anyone to move up in the class system from plebian to senator. The early phase of the Roman Republic was marked by successful foreign conquests, financial prosperity and a well-functioning government; however, as the years went by the republic slowly started to fall. During the time of the republic, Rome managed to conquer most of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea as well as territories far into modern day Germany and Spain. This massive new domain began to put a strain on the Roman government. It was difficult to get conquered peoples to abide by the laws and constitution of the republic and even more difficult to enforce punishments when they did not. The vastness of the republic made it impossible for each territory to be represented equally in the Roman senate. This caused almost constant conflict in the new territories which began to burn through Rome’s man power and resources. In addition to these issues, the Punic Wars had destroyed most of Italy’s farmland and many soldiers returned home to find their sources of income depleted. Often these men had to become hired labor or tenant farmers

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