Romeo And Julia Diary Essay

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Dear Diary It's been several weeks since I met Julia and started dating her, and I can´t still believe that she shares my ideas of opposing the party, she is so amazing, she is… she is… the best thing that could happen to me. Um… well… yeah, it’s true that in the beginning I hated her, and at the same time I was afraid of her because I believed that she was and spy form the thought police sent to watch all my movements in order to send me to prison, and… and… I prefer not to talk what would have happened to me if she was really a spy. I mean… I heard that in that prison they torture their prisoners in the most horrible ways that a human being can imagine. Is said that the party is able to electroshock their prisoners condemned for thought crime, and break their bones to make them suffer and experiment the worst pain that a person can resist until the point that they also break their minds and become crazy… oh god… I hope they never catch me, if not I can’t even imagine how I can end after all that suffering and humiliation, or even worse, I can’t imagine what they are able to do with Julia… my Julia… if they put just one finger over her, I promise that I will kill at least one of them before they kill me. …show more content…

I HATE THEM… them, and all that stupid things that they want us to believe, all the propaganda they make, on how they change the history, and records at their whim, maintaining all the people ignorant of the situation, on how they watch us the twenty-four hours of the day the seven days of the week, on big brother and the thought police, on how they treat us like cattle that just follow orders and think just what they like, just… just… screw

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