Romeo and Juliet Business Letter

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1632 Rosalie Square
Verona, Italy 54784
June 6, 1594

Lord Capulet
3798 Aria Court
Verona, Italy 54784

Dear Lord Capulet:

My name is ______ and the reason I am writing to you today is to inform you of the various possibilities to why perhaps Romeo and Juliet were rebellious and made unwise decisions while in love. Throughout the past decade, money has been put into research on the teen brain, and the way it performs its functions during the teenage years of growth. Fortunately to our luck, the world has made many advances in science and technology that we are now able to observe and compare the changes in differences of the adult, children, and teenage brains.

Generally in a normal adult brain, many parts of the brain work …show more content…

Edmond’s states, “This is also around the time when teenagers get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, as well as when they might be engaging in sexual behaviors” (Edmonds). Romeo and Juliet, although not knowing the reason being, may have had the urges to behave in a sexual way, or even engage in sexual behaviors because of their sex hormones in puberty (Edmonds).
Further on, it has been

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