Room 101

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ln Atwood’s essay about Nineteen Eighty-Four, the lesson that was learned is that not everything is not as it seems. Atwood summarizes the book and explains the importance of Room 101, and how it is not only a metaphorical figure. She teaches the reader how the problems that are in Nineteen Eighty-Four are not only issues that are in a book, but how they occur in our world today. Atwood learned that there are many dangers in this world that she must look out for by reading George Orwell’s books. She said that there were lots of problems with the world that Orwell warned her about. She was horrified at first from reading Animal Farm, but when she truly understood what the book meant, she could not be more thankful towards Orwell. Atwood also said that this post 9/11 world that is occupied by humans, who are capable of doing such horrible things, is a reminder that these terrifying places, such as Room 101, are all around us. People may believe that Orwell was going insane and there could be no Room 101, but the fact that 9/11 happened shows us that these things can happen. …show more content…

She explains how the situation in the book was bad, but that was just a book. These things could happen in 2017. “The torturer's dreaded Room 101 has been with us for millennia. The dungeons of Rome, the Inquisition, the Star Chamber, the Bastille, the proceedings of General Pinochet and of the junta in Argentina - all have depended on secrecy and on the abuse of power. Lots of countries have had their versions of it” (Atwood). This quote shows us that forms of torture and hurting people have already happened in the past. What is to say that it will not happen in the

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