Roosevelt 's Policy Of Police Power Over The Western Hemisphere

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American imperialism began in 1898 with the Spanish American war and teddy Roosevelt’s policy of police power over the western hemisphere. This war one Americas greatest victories. The Spanish American war was great turning for America. They gained Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico from Spain. Spain defeat showed America’s world power to other nations. This war prepared them to fight in Europe.
The United States had many of goods transporting to Europe. The US increasing economic grew immensely and that made them more powerful. Most of its intervention occurred in the western hemisphere. He separated the Panama from Columbia to build the Panama Canal. In order to achieve this he gave the Panamanians independence and treaty giving him the right to build the canal. He facilitated one the greatest construction in that time by building the canal for better trade and cut shipping times. Roosevelt’s intervention foreign policy became known as Roosevelt’s Corollary and the Panama Canal was one of the intervention that took place in Central America. Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine and the policy gave the right of US to exercise and international police powers to intervene whenever necessary. He wanted protect American and European investments by invading Dominican Republic and Cuba.
The role of President Wilson in the war and peace negotiations made him one of the only president’s to have moral intervention with war by protecting everyone’s interest. He brought a

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