Roots Of Inequality

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What are the roots of inequality? What do some societies have that cause them to progress while others fall behind? From the three episodes of Guns, Germs, and Steel, viewers can conclude that the success of a civilization depends on their location. Different environments give different advantages, such as livestock, crops, and metal. Domesticated animals were an essential part of the growth of powerful nations. Only fourteen animals have been domesticated in 10,000 years Middle Easterners had animals like horses and cattle to plow terrain more quickly and efficiently. Livestock animals came from the Fertile Crescent to Europe and were used for food, clothing, milk, and labor. When Spaniards battled with the Incans, they rode in on horses, …show more content…

People started working with metal in the Fertile Crescent 7000 years ago. This metalwork lead to the creation of sophisticated tools and weapons. Instead of stone and wood tools, which were easy damaged, metal tools proved reliable. Swords and knives were created from metal, and eventually so were guns. When Europeans arrived in Africa in the mid-1600s, these weapons saved their lives. A native African army attacked and killed nearly 300 Europeans to stop them from advancing into Zulu territory. When they attacked again in a fight called the Battle of Blood River, the Europeans were prepared. They used their guns to defend themselves, and the soldiers guarding Zulu were decimated. Three to three and a half thousand African soldier were killed in the Battle of Blood River. Where people lived decided whether or not they would prosper. Even the most resourceful people will only get so far if they do not have any resources to work with. The Europeans thrived and flourished in their climate and geographic location, and there was nothing others could do to make up for the limitations nature imposed on its population. Pure environmental luck was the determining factor of a regions

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