Why The Income Inequality Affects The Health Of People Essay

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Income inequality also causes obesity however; we mostly blame individuals for being obese. Being obese can have a serious impact on mental and physical health. it is an illness that is associated with stereotypes. The biggest one is “if poor people become obese they cannot be not poor”. People in this mentality also exclude the structural and social conditions that cause illnesses such as obesity. Social life affects the health of people, especially the socioeconomic level. How much you earn monthly is a factor how fit you are. The risk of being an obese is lower for the wealthy individuals. Poor people are obese because they have no money to buy healthy food, they have no time to exercise, they have stress that causes them to eat constantly, they lack education, they do not have access to the healthcare, they do not have social support and so on. It is mostly about the income inequality.
Why the income inequality exists in America? There are numerous reasons why income inequality exists in America and why people get sick from it. Scarcity is not the reason for income inequality. We certainly have enough, but what we have is unequally distributed. People who are at the top of the ladder possess high percentage of the wealth and income and this leads to poverty and income inequality. One other reason for the income inequality is discrimination. It is structural causes that let the discrimination to exist in our country. Social structures harm people by excluding the

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