Rorschach In Alan Moore's The Watchmen Essay

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Through the character Rorshach, The Watchmen explores the issues of nature verses nurture for him. Moore adds that a super hero, can be a psychological argument. A super hero is neither born nor shaped by environment, it is the creation of an alter ego to suppress childhood conflicting inner issues. Rorshach dealt with issues as a young child that rationalized in his mind to hide behind a costume and a mask in order to live.

The first character the book introduces to the reader to is Rorschach, Walter Joseph Kovacs, one of the main characters. Rorschach reveals his past and why he wears a mask on page eleven. Walter’s past is revealed in chapter six when he is examined by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist gives Walter ink blots and …show more content…

Evidence of Walter’s anger toward society occurs when Walter reads about the Kitty Genovese’s story in the newspaper. "Some of them even watched. I knew what people were, then, behind, all the evasions, all the self-deception. Ashamed for humanity." (pg. 10, chap. 6, panel 8) Kitty was raped and murder. He formed an opinion about society that they were inhumane and cruel. Walter lashed back at the rapist. While talking to the psychologist it is revealed that Walter found the rapist who had murdered the girl. The rapist had fed Kitty’s flesh and bones to his two German shepards. Rorschach murdered the dogs. "It was Kovacs who said "Mother" then, muffled under latex. It was Kovacs who closed his eyes. It was Rorschach who opened them again." (pg. 21, chap.6, panel 6-7) This is a major turning point in the story. By saying that he opened his eyes and he was Rorschach his created alter ego could now flourish and develop. When Rorschach murdered the dogs he thought of his mother. When Walter lashed out he was doing it to his mother not the dogs, this is displayed when Walter mutters mother before he slays the dogs. Because of this incident and his mother, he took it out on the community and became Rorschach. "I went home. I took the remains of her unwanted dress and made a face that I could bear to look at in the

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