Rosa Angelou ( 30 ) Beautiful And Smart Political Science Graduate Essay

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Rosa Angelou (30) beautiful and smart political science graduate becomes the first African American personal secretary to the president of the United States, a white man. She is a very educated and charming young woman who worked hard for what she believes in, and what she believes in was equality for Blacks in America. Rosa was the fifth child, and only girl to Jacob and Rolando Angelou. Both her parents work in the military and work very hard, seeing this made her ambitious. Because of this, she became active in her home town, Chicago. Although she came across many opportunities, she is hurt to see her older brothers turned down from many jobs. Her father, on the other hand, was the 12th commander in the U.S Army and although he is always highly praised for his 30 years in the Army he never moves up in ranking because of the white man position. Unfortunately, her mother is deployed more than her father so she never feels the gentle side of life, which was her motherly love. For this she never even grows a close bound with other females. Her friends are normally guys and her best friend is a nice well-dressed, handsome young black man called Ferre. He is always there for her to confide in. Rosa being in a military family and having four brothers helps her grow much knowledge of tatctics, discipline, and leadership. She also learns how to be tough because of the strong presence of her four brothers. The detachment from her mother never bothers Rosa because the community

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