Rosewood the Movie

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The movie Rosewood had a lot of impact on black and white people throughout the century. Rosewood stems from a small town located in central Florida. It co-existed with 120 people, mostly blacks who owned and farmed the surrounding land. On New Year's Day of that year, Fanny Taylor, a white woman in the nearby predominantly white town of Sumner, ran out of her house screaming, bruised and battered, claiming that a black man had assaulted her. In fact, the beating had been at the hands of her white lover. Fanny had lied so that her husband would not find out about her adultery. Fanny claimed that an escaped black convict from a local chain gang had done this. This led to tension and resentment to all the local townspeople of Sumner. The …show more content…

The State of Florida was widely known as one of the biggest controversies Florida had to endure. Why did it take so long for them to act upon this brutal state of affairs? The problem with this dilemma is that racism is shown even in the Supreme Court. If we didn't live in a society where there was racism the world would be a much better place. Racism has been a problem throughout the ages of time in this world. It emerged out of the rise in the slave trade in the eighteenth century.

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