Rosmanitz Child Labour

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Every day, millions of youth hie to work to moil from cockcrow to dusk, incumbently attempting to succor their progenitors augment the wherewithal to survive. Child labor, which according to the article “Almanac—World & News—TIME For Kids Magazine World Report Edition”, “exists in two-thirds of the world's nations”(Almanac 1) is detrimental to bairns around the terrene. One example is declared in the article, “Child workers are getting sick while harvesting tobacco on U.S. farms” by the Associated Press, a 17-year-old adolescent named Erick Garcia explains the conditions he has to endure on the tobacco farm where he endeavors. He states, “The conditions are inhumane”(Associated Press 2). Erick, who has worked on the locus since he was 11, …show more content…

This has been a problem throughout history. The article “Child Labour” by Klaus Rosmanitz talks about the beginning of the little pay, harsh conditions ‘policy’. He states, “Factory owners forced them [the children] to work long hours and they got very little money for their work”(Rosmanitz 1). This shows that, even at the beginning of the forcing of children to work, bleak conditions and a small sum of money. Another example is laid out in the article “Almanac—World & News—TIME For Kids Magazine World Report Edition”. It shows an example of one of these daunting tasks when it states, “A young boy stitches together the leather pieces of a soccer ball. He sits crouched in the corner of a hot, airless shed for 12 hours. For his long day's work, he will earn 60 cents.”(Almanac 1). This shows, yet another case of what child labor is like. A final example of this is in the article “Child workers are getting sick while harvesting tobacco on U.S. farms”. Shavers that work on the tobacco farms talked about what it is like. They said, “they worked long hours — often in extreme heat — without overtime pay or sufficient breaks”(Press 2). This also proves that child labor is

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