Child Labor In Gold Mines Essay

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The Mines There was a time when there was little child labor and people were forced to work all day for nothing more than a few dollars. Unfortunately, child labor has grown largely recently in the last years. Mainly in Africa and other poor countries, there is about one-fifth of the population of children working because they are poor and because people think it is free since they are children. Laboring children are working endlessly in many countries at toxic and dangerous gold mines. There is always a young child under eighteen that is working constantly to support his or her family in an underground gold mine. We may think that since we are living fine in our nice homes and eating great food that everybody is okay, but they are not and they get only a few dollars a day for working five times harder than you. First of all, children that are working in these gold mines are being forced to submerge deep into gold mines and submit themselves to an almost imminent death. According to Mr. Larry C. Price, there are children who labor endlessly for “as little as $2 a day” (One…show more content…
Some of these children are working for money to help their poor families and have to abandon school to do so. Also, if you think about it, this is just like ancient times how children would have to work to get to adulthood and help their family survive. According to David Roodman, “I look forward to the day when there is no child on earth for whom this is the best choice. But we are not there yet” (Four Arguments Against the Elimination of Child Labor 1). We still have not moved on from children laboring all day to help our families survive as much as we would like to think so. But, that still does not mean that it is okay to force children to work and submit themselves to death or pain. They might be working for the benefit of their families, but they should not die and or lose their education for their
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