Roughnose Stingray Research Paper

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The Pastinachus solocirostris, also known as the Roughnose Stingray, is from the Pastinachus genus of stingrays in the family of Dasyatidae. It is found generally in shallow waters of mangroves off of Sumatra, Borneo, and Java. They grow to 72 centimeters across, and is characterized by their pointed snout. The fin disc of the Roughnose Stingray is wide, diamond-shape, and rounded on the corners. They have about 20 upper teeth and 25 lower teeth, with five papillae on the floor of the mouth. Like other stingrays, they are reproduced in embryos inside the mother, nourished by yolk, and then later with uterine milk from the mother. The Roughnose Stingray are listed as endangered, prone to being victims of bottom longline fisheries, used for its
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