Royal Dutch Shell ( Shell )

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Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a multinational oil and gas corporation. Founded in 1907 ("Who We Are" 2016) Royal Dutch Shell has been a leading member of the oil and gas industry for many years, and as of 2015 is ranked sixth in the world. Shell, along with many other oil and gas companies, has been criticised greatly for their social performance regarding their fulfilment of society’s expectations. Shell has been put under the microscope for their work both for and against the environment. Issues such as the Brent Spar in the mid-1990s and oil spills in Nigeria are relevant to society’s criticism. But their work in sustainable energy has increased as Jeroen van der Veer, the former CEO of Shell, stated in 1997: “we work with a finite hydrocarbon resource and want to make sustainable development a reality” (Van Der Veer 1997, quoted in Frynas 2010, 281). Shell Canada is a vital subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell that has been making vast improvements in sustainable development since the 1980s. Royal Dutch Shell’s environmental performance has impacted on the company’s actions on society and stakeholders greatly over the years. This essay serves to discuss the implications on stakeholders in regards to Shell’s performance in the aspect of the environment in past years. Oil is one of the largest and primary sources of energy consumption worldwide. In 2013-14, 38% of Australia’s energy consumption was made by up of crude oil (Department of Industry and Science 2015). In the United

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