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The reporting party (RP) stated she visited resident William Barnice DOB: 7/29/20 on 7/24/16 at 4:30PM when leaving, the administrator informed the RP he had to leave and his relief had not arrived. The administrator asked would the RP to stay until relief arrived. The RP started texting the administrator after 30 minutes when no one arrived. The administrator didn't response to the RP first two text messages and eventually spoke with administrator at approximately 7PM. The RP was informed the relief person, Larry was on his way and should arrived momentarily. At 7:20PM the RP contacted administrator and was informed the relief person was on his way. After waiting and additional 10 -15 minutes the administrator was contacted and stated he …show more content…

RP disclosed she is not associated to the facility and have no back ground clearance. The RP stated she spoke with caregiver Larry who explained that he always arrives at 8PM and that the administrator's father supervises the resident for 2 hours. The RP disclosed that the resident is placed in bed at 6PM and left in bed for more than 20 hours at a time. Subsequently the resident walks around without shoes on tile floors with a walker wearing socks (resident is a known fall risk). The resident was continent of bowel and bladder and never wore diapers prior to admittance. The resident was placed in adult diapers and never assisted to the toilet. The RP discovered the resident didn't receive a shower for 2 weeks and only received bed bath a few time a week. The caregivers excuses were concern for the surgical wound and fear the resident would fall. According to the RP, the resident received one hour of physical therapy a day. The therapist would have instructed the caregivers in transporting resident if asked. Prior to the resident fall on 6/10/16 he was fully independent living on his own and able to make his own decisions. The resident's soiled linen and bedding was left outdoors for 3-5 …show more content…

No assessment or care plan was provided and the RP was informed it was unnecessary. Placed resident's plate of food on the dinner table returned 10 minutes later to discover ants crawling on the food. On a number of occasions the resident's urinal left full and not emptied. At every visit resident was in bed no matter what time of

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