Rules Obeyed In Sophocles Antigone

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In Antigone, the conventional value that rules should be obeyed because they were made for a reason is challenged numerous times over the course of the entire book. The first example of this value being challenged is after her brother is killed, she wants to bury him so that he can have a proper burial. Meanwhile, her uncle Creon saw Polyneices as a traitor and didn’t want to give him a proper burial, as he would rather leave his body out to be eaten by the dogs and crows. The next example of rules being broken is when Creon orders his son to let Antigone die and not fight for her life. Creon very plainly says “I will kill her” (Sophocles 24). Earlier on, Creon orders his son to obey him and let his bride die because he will not allow any traitors.
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