Russia A Hybrid Regime Is A Pseudo Democratic Regime

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Russian political history is filled with drama: bloodshed, revolutions, political transitions and more. This country, which has transformed its self into a superpower, has caught the attention of the world in the 20th century and now the millennium. What is most interesting is throughout Russian history—the Tsars, the Russian Revolution, the Soviet experiment of communism, and the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics—Russia has flirted with democracy, but time and time again it returns to the familiar, authoritarian regime. Russia’s inability to shake the shackles of autocracy can be directly linked to the morals, culture and history of the country. In short, deep-rooted culture and history strongly influence the structure of government in a country.
Today historical analyst has dubbed Russia a hybrid regime. A hybrid regime is a pseudo-democratic regime that fosters the growth of autocratic leaders and governmental structures. While there are aspects democratic and authoritarian regimes, hybrid regimes pose as democracies, but are really authoritarian at the core. Hybrid regimes are characterized by frequent abuse of human rights, disrespect for civil liberties and corruption in all political arenas (Ekman 1-2). Political experts have identified three paths to the formation of a hybrid regime. The first is the decay of a full-blown authoritarian regime, second is the full-blown decay of a democracy and, finally, the third is the collapse of an autocracy

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