Russia And It 's Culture

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Brittany Little
ISS 2200 02Z
Professor Hughes
Research Paper 1
July 07, 2015
Russia and It’s Culture
Most people can agree that Russia is an interesting culture, even if they know very little about it. It has unique aspects to it, such as its political power, military, food, and even language. The US is competitors with them, yet neither ever called for war. Russia is a very literate country, one of the highest in literacy. Russia has so much more to it than its stereotype, such as being known for large mobsters and mafia groups. Russia is much more than that, and not many people want to learn more or look past it. Russia may be a competitor to the US, but the fact that it is such a great competitor proves the fact that they are a great
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They feared those who were not family, and they feared those who were not friends, which kept people together. Not only their family, but to their homeland also is what they stay loyal to, and they will stand up and defend it. They believe in their country, just as America believes in their own, even if America doesn’t see it as a great lifestyle. They have songs and poems that are greatly patriotic in their country that they use to represent Russia with. The Russians have a thing called ‘Russian Pride’, and if someone insults their country, the person insults them. They expect everyone to recognize the great cultural heritage they have. They also have come to terms that their lives are difficult and that they can get through the struggles and pain they face, where other people might not of.
Russia used to be a communist country- as mentioned earlier. Russia stayed a communist country for over 70 years. In 1991, Russia ended the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). The Soviet Union came to be, and they are now known and referred to as the Soviet Union. Currently, the political figure there is Vladimir Putin, who had presidency in 2000, and then reentered presidency in 2012. Their branches consist of the Legislative, the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Central Bank. The Legislative Branch includes both the Federation Council and the State Duma. The State Duma has 450 Representatives. The Executive Branch consists of the President, the Chairman
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