Russia Is A Vast Country With A Long History Of Pride And

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Russia is a vast country with a long history of pride and war. The climate, people and governments in Russia have seen immense changes over its time as country. Russia is substantially a large country and has the most borders with other countries than any other nation, fourteen in total on land and has sea borders with Japan and the United States.
The start of the nation of Russia was a rough history of groups and tribes constantly waring with each other for power. The Slavs had mostly occupied western Russia since the early 7th century and onward. In 988 Russia had embraced Christianity from the Byzantine Empire, which started the mixing of the Byzantine and Slavic culture that defines Russian culture today.
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Russian explorers pushed east along the Siberian River, and by the mid-17th century there were Russian settlements in Eastern Siberia.
Under Peter the Great, Russia was came to be known as an Empire in 1721 and also became recognized as a world power. Ruling from 1682 to 1725, Peter defeated Sweden in War, forcing it to give up West Karelia, securing Russia 's access to the sea and trade. Peter founded a new capital called Saint Petersburg, this was called Russia 's Window to Europe due to the distaste he grew for the old traditional ways of Russia. Peter the Great 's reforms brought a lot of Western European culture to Russia and could almost be called obsessed with the idea of making Russia more like Europe. He was a very tough leader but led by example and was known to be a very hard worker. After his death Peter I 's daughter Elizabeth took over power in 1741–1762 and then was followed by Catherine II the Great who ruled from 1762–1796 and brought in the age of Russian enlightenment. She was and has been debatably the most powerful woman in history.
The late 19th century saw the popularity of socialist movements in Russia. Alexander II was killed in 1881 by revolutionary terrorists via a homemade bomb. When the first bomb failed to kill them he walked out of his cart and asked to speak to his would be assassins and wanted to talk with them.

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