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RUSSIA - CULTURE - EDUCATION 1. Russian children begin school when they are 6 years old. Elementary school consists of the first 4 grades, middle school consists of 5 grades and high school is 2 grades. It is only required that children attend the first 9 grades. After that a child can go to work or do work/study. If a child wants to go to the University, however, he or she must complete all 11 grades. There are approximately 25-30 students in each class. All students learn at least one foreign language in school. Russian education system has three levels: school (called "school's education"), college ("middle education" and University ("high education"). A University education is more prestigious and higher than a College/middle…show more content…
In Russia, as in the U.S., children are anxious to grow up and do adult things. Girls dream of having a good family; boys dream of having a good job. And everybody dreams of having a happy life. RUSSIA - CULTURE - HOLIDAYS 1. New Year Celebration This is the most favorite holiday in Russia. It is anticipated as much as the Christmas holiday is in the U.S. When the communists came into power they forbid religious holidays. But Christmas tradition was so strong (the people continued to decorate the Christmas trees in an underhand way) and the government allowed the people to celebrate what was the Christmas holiday now in a different way and at a different time: now as a New Year holiday so long as the religious meaning was eliminated. Gradually the religious meaning to the holiday has deteriorated leaving the general meaning of the New Year holiday as one for a hope that the new year will be more happy and that all bad remains behind in the old year. The Christmas tree was renamed into a New Year tree. But the non-religious traditions of the Christmas holiday remain: Santa Claus, gifts, dancing around the Christmas tree and happy family times. Russian version of Santa Claus Old man Frost or "Ded Moroz" is the favored legend. Outwardly he resembles Santa Claus. He wears a long coat (usually red, sometimes blue), has a long beard and felt boots and carries a stick and a

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