Ryanair vs. Easyjet Price Comparison

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Ticket Price Comparison of Ryanair & Easyjet in the European Market
Ron D’Alli
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University The European Airline industry’s growth dramatically changed after deregulation phased into the European market. Prior to deregulation, bilateral agreements between host countries in Europe existed, and typically each country had a national airline (Airline Operations & Management, 2014). The industry stagnated and costs were very high for air travel. Deregulation in Europe was phased in beginning in 1987, and concluded in 1993 (Airline Operations &Management, 2014). After deregulation, airlines were able to operate routes without restrictions, and pricing for tickets was not controlled. Similar to the U.S.,
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The lowest price will be selected, and departure and arrival times will be held as close as possible.

The pricing data for this research was conducted by going directly to each airlines website., and The travel dates were held to Oct 13, as the outbound and Oct 17, as the return with one exception. On October 17, in the Palma market, Ryanair flights were sold out, so October 18 was selected as the return date. The data was collected using a personal laptop computer, and travel was booked more than one week in advance. The ideal traveler for this study is a business traveler flying out on a Monday and returning on Friday, either early morning or later in the day based on scheduled meetings. Data
Fare Comparison Ryanair vs. Easyjet

Dates of Travel
Munich, Ger
223.98 GBP
222.36 GBP
Palma, Spain
154.98 GBP
127.00 GBP
Rome /Ciamp
205.98 GBP
(Secondary Airport)
Naples, Italy

188.08 GBP
179.98 GBP
174.96 GBP
Denmark (Aarhus)
189.98 GBP
(Secondary Airport)
Denmark (Copenhagen)

135.00 GBP
1) All flights originated from London Stansted

2) No insurance was purchased

3) Paid for 1 checked 20kg bag

4) Paid for reserve seating

5) Paid with debit card

Source: Ryanair & Easyjet
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