Rye Barcott

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Rye Barcott is a former Marine Corps officer and co-founder of a nonprofit organization called Carolina for Kibera. In his book, it mentions about a marine who dreams of making a difference in the world. Barcott focuses on two forms of service that seem to be the opposite of each other, which are war-fighting and peacemaking, military service and social entrepreneurship. In chapter 1, Barcott took his first trip to Africa with his parents and it transformed his entire life. Barcott was full of sadness when he saw the country with his own eyes and he wanted to help the people in Africa. After he returned back to the United States, he wanted to travel to Rwanda. His mother had sent him a quote by her favorite Margaret Mead quotes, “Never doubt …show more content…

According to Encyclopedia of Social Work, “Section 501 (c)(3) is reserved for organizations serving what the IRS considers religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or education purposes.” (Encyclopedia of Social Work) In this case, he wants to create an organization that can prevent ethic violent from the youth. According to National Council of Nonprofits, “Starting a nonprofit will take significant time, effort, and funds.” (National Council of Nonprofits) In this case, Barcott had to work extremely hard to find people he can trust and fill out paperwork to build up the organization; therefore, he had to travel back to Kibera a couple of times and plan his goals to change Kibera. In chapter 7, Barcott is about to graduate and get instated into the Marines by his dad at the Old Well. In fact, he realizes he is making a sacrifice to go to Kibera since he is leaving his girlfriend Tracy. In chapter 8, he returned to Kibera with Nate and he felt that people he trusted that would work hard had let him down. For example, he gave $400 to Jumba to launch junior credit system. (128-9) Furthermore, he needs to hold a focus group within the country with community leaders to get input. In chapter 9, he reached out to Salim for guidance in engaging the community. Salim gave an idea to create community-based organizations to “create role models and support local solutions to problems.” (138) Not to mention, he ran into Tabitha and found out that she used the $26 that he loan to her and opened a clinic called “Rye Medical Clinic, Sacrificing for Success”. Then he realized that change is possible in Kibera. In chapter 10, he decides to help fundraise for Tabitha’s clinic; however, it did not fit the plan for the organization. In

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