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SAT语法考点救命版 主要考点 平行结构 总原则:平行连接词:and、or、but前后要平行,也就是说“词要平行词、词组平行词组、从句平行从句、句子平行句子”。也就是说,看到了and,要考虑and后面的成份是否能和前面某个成份平行。 举几个栗子: apple and orange working endlessly and drinking relentlessly that you decided to leave and that you would work in a new company Mary ran into a stranger but she pretended not to see him. 注意:名词不跟动名词平行:books and drinking water 词不跟词组平行:books and the people 还有哪些连接词呢? Both A and B A instead of B A rather than B Not only A but also B Prefer A to B A not B A nor B Either A or B Neither A nor B A as well as B 等等 优势句子:some people choose to stay home, and some to party. 代词 总原则:指代要明确,尽量少用代词,看到代词要质疑。 举个栗子:Mary told her mom that she was pregnant. 这句话的she指代不明确。 It、this、that一般不放句末,不能指代句子和动词 举个栗子:This city is on fire …show more content…

宾语从句:my mom said that ……… 主语从句:whether you like it or not is none of my business. 虚拟语气 基础形式(给我好好记住了) if---过去时(不能用was)----, ----would do---- if---过去完成时----,----would have done----- 特殊形式 My mom suggests that we be calm when facing difficulties. 此类的词还有哪些(表示主观建议的词):propose/demand/require/request/ask be advisable/ be essential 举个栗子:it is advisable that we be calm when facing difficulties. 虚拟语气的倒装 If we were to go to the scene, we could save a lot of people. 倒装:Were we to go to the scene, …… should there be any…… would……. Should there be any…… will 同位语 举个栗子:Mary, a girl from Shenzhen middle school, took this chance to win the game. 同位语+定语从句的优势句型 举个栗子:Mary went to china last year, a country that has more than five thousand years history. Especially和particularly引导的成分 举个栗子:Mary always recollects many struggles she has experienced, especially the relentless criticism of her writings. 垂悬结构和分词伴随 总原则:分词的动作发出者由主句的主语发出 walking into the dark, I saw a little boy playing games with himself. Walking的动作发出者是后面主句的I she kicked off the bucket, screaming loudly for nothing but the mercy from the God. Screaming的动作发出者是前面主句的she to do something 和 by doing something 也要遵循这个规律 when/if/although/while的省略问题 举个栗子:When facing difficulties, people should…… 副词&形容词 总原则:副词修饰形容词和动词或者副词 一般只在IE出现 固定搭配 总原则:如果没见过这个固搭,请参考以下两个原则 1. 看看该词的其他形式用什么介词 tendency的动词形式tend to do sth 2.

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