SC200 Unit 9

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Unit 9: Final Project – Scientific Method Professor David Anderson Michelle Edwards 06/30/2015 Scenario 1 We are having a potluck luncheon for work at my house and I was chosen to make lasagna. As I was preparing my favorite lasagna recipe, I noticed that I’m missing that one important ingredient, which is the ricotta cheese and I only have an hour before my guests arrive. First thing that comes to my mind is what do I do? Without realizing I’ve actually began utilizing the scientific method, which is to ask specific questions (step one) in order to identify the problem at hand. Some of the other questions would be; “Am I able to replace the ricotta cheese with another ingredient?”, “Can I omit the ricotta and still have the…show more content…
If so, hopefully you have pushed it out. If the drain is not clogged then the next part to research is the pump. So, if it is the pump then the best solution would be to contact an appliance repair shop. (Plumbing) While working through the possible solutions, we actually had to repeat some of the steps for us to get a proper result because there were multiple reasons why it wouldn’t drain. This would be called an iterative process. Our issue was that there was a sock stuck into the drain which came from my boys over filling the washer machine and causing clothes to go over the edge when it filled with water. After drawing our conclusion we walked the kids through the same steps that we had to go through to find out what the problem was and if it happens again they will be doing the research. I am so glad that it was the drain hose being clogged other than the washer pump, less expensive. References Plumbing retrieved 6/30/15 from: Science retrieved 6/30/15 from: Substitution retrieved 6/30/15 from: Trefil, J., & Hazen, R. M. (2011). The sciences: An integrated approach. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons,

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