SEIS Responsible Use Policy

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SEIS Responsible Use Policy At SEIS, technology is a vital tool for learning and communicating who we are, what we value and how we represent our family, school and community. Because our technology choices affect us and others, and because the use of technology is a privilege not a right, the expectation is that all students will abide by and support this agreement in school. While we understand that any of us can make a mistake, we believe that living according to these values is critically important. Infractions will be enforced using the SEIS Student Code of Conduct. By signing this policy, I agree to: 1. Using SEIS technology resources responsibly: I will use SEIS technology only for assigned and intended school purposes. I will ask …show more content…

I will not give out identifying information over the Internet. I understand that the computer assigned to me is the property of SEIS and I am responsible for taking care of it and keeping it in good condition. Tampering with it is not permitted. I understand that I’m responsible for any damage to my computer or any other computers that I have contact with. I will not damage SEIS hardware or software, delete any files not belonging to me, use unauthorized software, attempt to bypass school filters, access Internet sites I shouldn't be on, send viruses or make modifications to system files. 2. Be respectful of others I will not participate in bullying, harassing, stalking or teasing other people or publicly defaming people by spreading gossip, insults or other unkindness and/or accessing any social network, website, blog, Wiki, etc. with the purpose of creating, viewing or participating in the humiliation of others. If I see a message, comment, image or anything else online that makes me concerned for my safety or the safety of another student (for example something that could be considered harassment, bullying or a threat), I will bring it to the attention of a teacher or administrator …show more content…

I will not make,search or forward sexually suggestive photographs or videos. I will not retrieve material that is obscene, profane, violent, discriminatory or depicts or describes illegal activities. I will not steal someone’s password and/or identity. I will not use technology in any other inappropriate way. I will uphold SEIS values of respect and integrity. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the SEIS Responsible Use Policy. School administration and the SEIS Technology Department reserves the right to examine, use and disclose any data found on the school's networks in order to further the health, safety, discipline or security of any student or other person or to protect property. Please print the student’s name_______________________________________________________________ Student Signature DATE_______________________________________________________________________ I have read and explained the conditions above to my students. Teacher’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________

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