Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Essay

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Brittany Morrow Grand Canyon University: EDU-225 July 3, 2011 Abstract This paper is a personal technology plan that includes my personal philosophy on integrating technology in the classroom as well as my professional goals concerning technology in the classroom. My Mission and Vision Statement are included as well as a plan for communications, integrating technology, software to support assessment, and technology ethics for a strong guideline in the classroom. Although this plan will need to be revised as advances in technology are made this is strong ground work that I can build on as a professional educator. Using this plan I can ensure that my students are using the latest…show more content…
These methods will include the school’s address and telephone number alone with my personal phone number. I know some teachers are apprehensive about releasing their personal telephone number but I feel that it is essential for a positive communication line between me and the parents of my students. In the case of an emergency this resource can be very beneficial to me and the parent. Aside from my parents and students it is also important to communicate with other peers. With access to social networks, it is a good idea to network with other teachers from my school and from other schools. By networking with other teachers we will be able to share ideas, assist each other with lesson plans, and communicate stress to someone who understands and is in the same boat. We must be balanced in doing this, remembering that this is a professional communication and that we must remain confidential when it concerns our class or our students. With that being said I do believe this is essential to any teacher’s success. Another way of networking with other teachers may be things like breakfast meetings before school with other teachers, or group trips to visit other schools when we have an opportunity to learn other methods and gain ideas we can use in addition to our own. Although I have covered every grounds of communication that I feel are
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