SP15 SCM 305 Syllabus

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The University of Kansas - School of Business
Course Syllabus – SCM 305 Business Decision Making
Spring 2015, Wescoe 3140
1:00-2:15, Tuesday/Thursday

Instructor: Joe Walden
E-mail: joewalden@ku.edu
Office: 118i Summerfield
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday: 9:00-11:30 PM; Monday/Wednesday 8:00-10:30;
Or by appointment

TAs: Jamie Mack Pamela Carper Deepa Anant Jill Carroll Angie Kim

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to decision making encountered in business and everyday life. The course covers selected tools in probability, statistics, economics, operations research, and operations management. We will apply these tools and principles to problems in financial management, marketing,
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Failure to observe silence during this period may be considered “class disruption” as defined under “Conduct in the Classroom”. Students that choose to discuss the quiz with other students during the quiz or choose to look at notes during a closed note quiz will receive a zero for that quiz; a second occurrence of looking at notes or talking during a quiz will result in discussions with the Assistant Dean of the School of Business.
Blackboard: This course includes a Blackboard website at http://courseware.ku.edu. You will find many documents on the site. All class notes/slides and assignments will be posted to Blackboard. Note that Blackboard from time to time will undergo maintenance by KU and not always be available. Therefore, if you choose to access Blackboard at the “last minute” you may be disappointed.
Notice Regarding Students with Disabilities: Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him/her from fully demonstrating his/her abilities should contact me personally within the first several weeks of school so we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation in this course and your college experience.
The School of Business Honor System and Positive Code of Conduct: The School of Business Assembly has adopted an Honor System proposed by its students and faculty to promote academic integrity and has enacted the following code: “We, the faculty,

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