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The Associated Press (AP) is an American news agency that was established in 1846 by five daily newspapers from New York City. They established the cooperation in order to deliver news about the Mexican War faster than the U.S. Post Office could. The known founder was Moses Yale Beach and the first CEO, named Alexander Jones, came to power in 1848. Today the company is run by Tom Curley who has been the active CEO since 2003. Curley is stationed in the AP headquarters located in New York City. The AP is, just like it always has been, a not-for-profit cooperation now owned …show more content…

From the establishments of the company and forward it has been these people who have been traveling all over the world, risking their lives in order to gather the breaking news that AP is so famous for. These men and woman are the reason that AP has been able to be the first to deliver the breaking news from many of the most important historical events happening to mankind. From the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to the death of Pope John Paul II and the fall of the shah of Iran the Associated Press’s reporters has been there to break the news before anyone else. The Associated Press has won 49 Pulitzer Prizes in both writing and photography which gives another great example of what an amazing strength their reporters are to the company. The trustworthiness among these reporters and photographers are once again proven.
When discussing human capital there is another branch that is contributing to the strengths of the company and that are the people that deal with the corporate part of the company. Even if the reporters and photographers are doing an amazing job creating a brand image for the company it could not be one without the people running it. One example is the people in the Research and Development department who are always ahead of their time creating new and innovative ideas for the company. One example of this is the Stylebook a guidebook for journalists, reporters, and photographers all over the world.

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