Sa Water Case Study

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In the latter part of the 90s, the Australian government was more concerned with environmental content, and included better water to the goals. The biggest serviceable component was Water Services, which combined Retail, Engineering and Projects, Operations, and Infrastructure. This component served with United Water to finish and supervise projects. The EDP (Economic Development and Procurement) role was liable for extended preparation, and guiding the multi-million dollar ventures that was obligated with South Australian Cabinet espousal (Thorogood & Yetton & Vlasic & Spiller, 2004). Organizational Structure South Australia Water (SA Water) had a consistent record of being a poor performer in Information Technology. Additionally, most projects that were planned were not completed. This resulted in the prolonging of the organization not investing in a technological solution to modernize the company. To support SA Water in becoming a more modernized organization several …show more content…

SA Water did very little to update its’ Information Systems that was first implemented in the 80s. Strategic IT at SA Water stated that “such systems are preferred in utilities”. These systems referring to the Information Systems at SA Water. The problem here was that SA Water was not being proactive in its efforts to modernize, or keep up-to-date the system that manages the utility. The other notable issue was the inability to finish projects. SA Water would not be able to grow, and be efficient unless the projects that were being planned could be completed. SA Water Solutions The first response to the issues concerning the IT infrastructure was to change the division name to Information Services. A fixed goal was to “deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right destination regardless of the location” (Thorogood & Yetton & Vlasic & Spiller,

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