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SABOTEUR The short story “Saboteur” which was written by Ha Jin is a very interesting and unique story. After performing a close analysis, one will find, through the description of the characters and the tone, that Ha Jin tells the story of anger and revenge. This type of behavior took place within the most unlikely characters. Mr. Chiu was what many would consider a very intelligent person. He taught as a professor at a university. Mr. Chiu claims to be a “scholar, a philosopher and an expert in dialectical materialism” (181). In the beginning of the story, he is portrayed as a reasonable man. In the beginning, he is having a nice lunch with his new wife, however in the end, revenge and anger took over his emotions and caused …show more content…

The two officers that arrested Mr. Chiu are not throughout the entire story. A reader can see that not much is said about these officers but the tone they use is interesting. The tone of story is clear through the image that it portrays in the beginning, and the radical change in the end. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Chiu appears to be the victim, but as one continues to read the story, his anger and revenge becomes more apparent through the tone. The tone of

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