Sadam Huisein's Invasion of Kuwait Led to Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War

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Operation Desert Storm
The Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Storm, the Persian Gulf War, The First Gulf War or The Kuwait War. Was a war that started 2 August 1990 when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The war lasted to 28. February 1991, when President Bush declared a ceasefire. The war ended unofficially the 26th, when the Iraqi troops started to withdraw from Kuwait, after finishing their mission. The Coalition air forces continued to follow and bomb the Iraqi troops, even after the retreat started. They kept killing Iraqi troops, and a Highway 8 became known as the “Highway of Death”.

The Background
Why did Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait?
In August 1988, the war between Iran and Iraq ended, but they …show more content…

Hussein justified his invasion of Kuwait by claiming that Kuwait was an artificial state started on the Iraqi coast by western colonialists. The truth was that Kuwait was recognized as a country before Iraq was created, after World War 1.
American Invasion
How did the Americans get involved in this war?
When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia turned to the US and other western powers to help cool the situation. The United Nations warned Hussein, and if he did not withdraw his troops by mid-January of 1991, they would have to intervene. Hussain did not listen to the UN, and the Persian Gulf War began, led by a massive US-led air offensive, known as Operation Desert Storm. 42 days later, US President George Bush declared a ceasefire, on February 28. By then, most Iraqi troops had surrendered, fled or been killed.
On August 8 Hussain said that Kuwait was Iraq’s “19th province”, at the same time, the US Air Force fighter planes began to land in Saudi Arabia as a part of the buildup known as Operation Desert Shield. NATO allies and other Arab nations accompanied the US troops; the deployment was to prevent a possible invasion of Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile in Kuwait, Hussain increased his forced to about 300000 soldiers. Hussain tried to gather support from the Muslim world by declaring a Jihad, holy war. When this failed, he turned over to Iran to agree on peace, so he could max out the strength of his forces.
November 29.

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