Safe Embrace Analysis

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In the interview, I asked Amanda to tell me a story about an individual who came from the life of prostitution and reached out for help from Safe Embrace. She told me the story of a victim who didn’t even identify herself as being a victim at first. Safe Embrace helped her not only realize she was a victim and that she could absolutely benefit from the services they provided but also they helped her in testifying against her pimp. They helped prepare her for not only the court procedural aspects that she would have to endure but also any psychological repercussions that testifying could bring about. She did very well throughout that process and was successful in being a member of Safe Embrace’s emergency housing program. She got her kids back and entered an apartment that she is currently thriving in. This individual is a success story of theirs and even through all the experiences she had when first …show more content…

The adverse effects of prostitution and sex trafficking can be extremely negative and can actual hinder these individuals from getting the help they need. While speaking with Amanda she made me realize that although she loves her job and that this organization has a big positive impact there is always more that can be done. In relation of this interview to what I have learned in this course, I found similar sentiments about this idea that prostitution can be harmful to a variety of different people and aspects of life. Also, through Amanda’s story I was able to see that pimps and those who exploit women are being prosecuted but it does not come with ease and the need to have these females to testify is extremely beneficial to the prosecution of these individuals. This idea of the difficulty of prosecuting these pimps and traffickers is something we talked extensively about throughout this section of the course, and we also realized though how important it

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