The Importance Of Working For Children To Be Protected

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• Children right’s to be protected
• Express there views and to be listened to
• Right care and series for disabled children

All practitioners working to safeguard children understand their full responsibility.

Safe Guarding
Safeguarding is the action taken to promote welfare to children prevent them from harm,protecting from abuse and preventing harm to children health and development as they grow up with the right care.

Working with organisations
Importance with working with organisations is to safeguard to make sure each child is protected and can be safe from adults and children who way course a risk to them.The safety of children is paramount and first consideration.A wide selection of companies and projects work together to safeguard.You must …show more content…

they also may feel guilt from responsibly.

Being Bullied
There are three types of bullying-
Verbal - Name calling,Insults,Shouting
Indirect-Horrible stories,exclusion from games,

Name calling is the most common form of bullying. children can be nasty and unkind because a child is a origin,hair colour,eye colour,religion.Children can find it hard to interact with other children and behave in diffrent manors then they usually would.They can behave in ways that irate other children.Caeres and parents should work together to work the problem out and help improve the situation at hand.

Safety and Well being
Children are taught a lot about stranger danger and being told to say when they are not commutable with a situation.Also teaching children that they should not keep bad secret and tell them to adults and practioners.Also its very big to make the children feel like they have a responsibility to cary out.There are many websites that talk more about SAFETY AND WELLBEING such as -
• Bernardo's
• Kids

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