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Safeguarding Assignment 2 Legislation, policies and workplace procedures which reduce the risk of abuse Hand In Deadline: 19th November 2014 Task 1: You must write a report that covers: * Legislation * Recruitment practices * Sector Guidance * Strategies and * Procedures that are used to safeguard vulnerable adults. In addition you must say how these can be used to help reduce 2 different types of abuse. This report will be looking at how legislation, policies and workplace procedures reduce the risk of abuse. Legislations are put in place to reduce the risk of abuse in certain environments and workplaces that are targeted by abusers. The definition for legislation is the act or process of making or …show more content…

This Act protects against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation in different areas. The Equality act provides protection for people discriminated against because of their background. A recruitment practice is the process of finding the best qualified candidate for a job. When applying for a job working with vulnerable people having a DBS check is essential. This is so the organisation/company knows a bit more about you as a person i.e. where you live, who you live with, your parents names, you full name date of birth ,contact number, emails etc., and that you may or may not have a criminal record. Jobs that involve carrying out certain activities for children and adults may require an enhanced DBS check with a check of the barred lists. There is another procedure that helps to protect vulnerable people; it is called the DBS barred list. This will check whether someone’s included in the 2 DBS ‘barred lists’ (previously called ISA barred lists) of individuals who are unsuitable for working with children and adults. People who are on the barred list are limited when it comes to finding jobs in Health and Social Care because most jobs are working with vulnerable children and adults. It’s against the law for employers to employ someone or allow them to volunteer for this kind of work if they know they’re on one of the barred lists. Having these barred lists prevent abuse because they stop unsafe people from

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