Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People

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Assignment 008
Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
Task A

1. The Children Act 1989 - 2004 is the most relevant legislation for safeguarding children and young people’s welfare. It was first made to give boundaries and support for local authorities for the welfare of children. The act then also made changes to the law that are regulated for children and their safety if they are in foster homes, adoption agencies, babysitting services and also handling childcare crimes and crimes against children. The children act’s main purpose is to ensure that the UK is a safer for children and young people and improve their wellbeing. It provides support and help to children of all ages, and backgrounds, and if they have a
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The NSPCC concerntrates on seven most important issues which could cause children to be at most risk, these are : children who have experienced neglect, physical abuse ( families with violent adults, alcohol/drug abuse and mental health problems), sexual abuse, children under the age of one, disabled children, children from certain ethnic communities and looked after children. The service provides the most confident and effective support and ensures the safety and well being of children is protected.


Type of child abuse:

Three Characteristics for each type of child abuse:
- Unexplained burns, bruises or lumps on the body.
- Possible pinch marks or grasp marks.
- Attempting to constantly run away and nervous around adults.

Type of child abuse:

Three Characteristics for each type of child abuse:
- Low self esteem/ No longer have any confidence.
- Delayed development
- Sudden speech problems which may of not occurred before.

Type of child abuse:

Three Characteristics for each type of child abuse:
- Certain medical problems like itching, pain in the genitals or venereal diseases.
- Knowledge of behaviour which is very inappropriate to the child’s age.
- Becoming scared/upset or worried about clothing being removed.
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