Safety Measures Should Be Banned

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Playing sports involves a strong commitment, focus and intensive training from athletes. To protect the well-being and lives of athletes, proper safety measures are very important and necessary. The prime argument is whether or not new equipment and rules should be placed in the NFL to improve player safety. Like many others I deem that new rules and equipment should be placed in the NFL. Athletes and parents of the athletes will agree with me and appeal to this issue. If new rules and equipment are imposed in the NFL more players won’t be forced to retire as a result of an injury. Future health issues will furthermore be reduced in the players. Players will additionally be less inclined to receive insurance money after an injury, which usually is a finical loss in the NFL. However many sports analysts all have a concern that our society will lose interest and that football will die out due to the extensive rules that have been placed to prevent injuries.
If new rules and equipment are introduced in the NFL, current players won’t be forced to retire after injuries they sustained during their career. In Christopher Gasper’s article, “Chris Borderland’s decision to retire from NFL age 24 admirable”, Gasper annotates that Chris Borderland decided to retire because of the injuries he acquired during his career. Borderland had received a concussion during the 2014 season which prevented him of playing. Subsequently, he then complained to the NFL that because of a crude
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