Saint Augustine: The Confessions Of St. Augustine

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To begin with Confessions, Saint Augustine understands God as a forgiving being of all humans in spite of their past sins. The intention to perceive God in this way comes from his experiences of this notion, as author describes in the text. Therefore, Saint Augustine presents his experience as a teenager finding satisfaction in what he describes as two hellish pleasures. The first pleasure is his puberty adventure in spite of his young age. Thus, it is a colorful description of this period of his life experience that he regards as sinful. As Saint Augustine states “I ran wild in the shadow jungle of erotic adventures.” (Confession p.21) He had a lot of illegally relationships with women, especially with married women. Additionally, Saint Augustine likes boasting to his company about his sexual exploits. His mother acts as God’s …show more content…

Therefore, Saint Augustine asks “Is God confined within a corporeal form? Has He hair and nails?” He starts to contemplate God as a physical entity, about his possible appearance. For Saint Augustine “to see” implies a physical act of perception with his eyes, as a figure whose limbs have length and breadth and who has a mass. Hence, Augustine could not image God as physical being because he has not actually seen Him before. In the same way, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan claims “He is not a physical being there is no way of perceiving Him through the senses, as the five senses can grasp only physical objects and their attributes.”(Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, p.62) By this definition Yaqzan means that God cannot be perceived, even cannot be imagined, since He is not a material body, hence it is impossible to apply any physical characteristics to Him. Thus, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, like Saint Augustine begins thinking about such physical characters such as length, width, and depth. Similarly, he concludes that God cannot be physically “alive” since he does not possess any of these

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