Saint Roch Research Paper

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Saint Roch By Brian Burns In 1295, in a small town of Montpellier, France, a young boy named Roch was born. He was not just a normal boy; at his birth Roch had a red cross on his breast. Roch was born into a very wealthy family; his father was the governor of Montpellier. However at the age of twenty both of his parents tragically died and he had given all of his money to the poor. He was orphaned by his uncle, the new governor of Montpellier. He was later sent as a spy to Italy, disguised as a mendicant pilgrim. On his trip Roch stopped in a town of Italy called Aquapendence, which had been struck with the plague. It was there that Roch began to devote his life to healing the plague stricken. He began to go town to town healing every
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